Tools for Stress

We have all experienced stress.  Remember that big test you had to take, or the public speaking event you got ready for.  I sure do!  Those were stressful moments.  Let’s not forget the “small” things that build up to stress: laundry, homework, getting to work on time, having a serious conversation with someone. Welcome to Life :)

Stress is both a positive and a negative. We have stress that motivates us to do better and we have stress that gets us to freeze up.  Stress is inevitable.  Here are a few tips I offer you. 

1. FOCUS:  When choosing to do a task, such as putting the dishes away or a work project; FOCUS on that ONE task.  If we want to do something well, it’s best to do one thing at a time. Put the distractions away, turn off your notifications, put your phone in a drawer. 

2. SELF-CARE JAR: I’d suggest writing down self-care ideas on pieces of paper and  putting them in a jar.  When you are struggling with what to do grab one out of your Self-Care Jar.  Need ideas? Borrow some of mine.  Color, Dance, Watch the Clouds, Smell Fresh Laundry, Take a Shower, Put on Lotion, Listen to Music, Drink Cold Water.


3. MINDFUL MOMENT: Use this example as a way to have a mindful moment