Who am I?

Isn't that a question all of us have asked at one point in time? To state an obvious, I am an organism, made up of cells, tissue, hormones, bones, neurotransmitters. I am one of the many possible variations of my parents' genetic make up. I'm pretty confident with one thing, I do not have a complete and confident answer to the above question, "Who am I?".

Perhaps a way to answer this question is by giving a character description of myself, my likes and dislikes, my behaviors, my attributes, my areas of growth. This question, "Who am I?" is a complicated question. I wonder if the answer is ever-changing with our growth?

Who am I?

I know I enjoy people. I enjoy watching people, listening to people. I enjoying learning from people and about people. That's why I get a charge from doing my job as a therapist. I listen to my clients to learn from them and about them. I listen so that I can know how to support and empower them. I savor the work that they do and I enjoy watching their growth.

Who am I?

Most of my life is surrounded with people; working, playing, making a home. Don't get me wrong, I do also have time away from people. It's imperative for me to have this time so that I can wholeheartedly give to people. I have my boundaries in my life for the safety and security of my heart, mind and body.

Who am I?

People may see me as kind, funny, annoying, helpful, impatient, thoughtful, scattered, loving, forgetful, smart, dumb, selfish and selfless. It all is dependent on the relationship we have and the kaleidoscope in which we view the world.

These are a few answers to the question, "Who am I?". This answer may change after more experiences occur in my life or more memories are brought forward. Some may argue that we have core characteristics that don't change. This may be true. If that is true, mine may be this, I am someone who is fascinated with and by people. I tried finding a singular word for this and all I can come with is therapist.

I am a therapist.

Here I Am!

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